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Cloud backup is especially powerful for small businesses who may otherwise lack the resources of a large, enterprise-class datacenter. The premise of cloud backup is simple: every night, your data is encrypted at your site, then sent over a secure network tunnel to be stored inside our world-class cloud backup data centers. Our staff works 24×7 to ensure backup servers are kept running in the face of even the worst disasters. Your data is always available at the moment you need it.

Pricing is simple

Use the calculator below to figure out the exact cost of securely backing up your data:
How much data do you have?
How much data changes each day?
How many days worth of backup do you want to keep?
Every night we will backup 100 GB of data (1.0 % of 100 GB). After 180 days, that adds up to 1,800 GB.

We will store the original backup (1,000 GB) plus the nightly changes (1,800 GB), for a total of 2,800 GB stored in our secure cloud.

At 5¢ per Gigabyte, the cost is $$140 per Month.
Frequently Asked Questions about Ethos Info Cloud Backup
Is it reliable?
Is it reliable?
Is it reliable?
Is it reliable?