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Sometimes existing applications don’t give your company the flexibility or coverage it needs. When that happens, our software engineering team is here to develop custom apps that keep your staff moving forward

Custom-tailored solutions

Tight cloud integration

Scalable as you grow

Encrypted data links
Faxing Straight From Your Microsoft Windows Desktop
Our engineers spend a lot of time in client offices, and one thing we try very hard to do is pay attention to how they’re working, and look for ways we can utilize cloud technologies to make their jobs and lives easier. Watching an office full of people send faxes, you realize the magnitude of the problems with the old method.
There’s opening and printing out the cover sheet and document (hello, wasted paper, toner, and wear-and-tear on your printer) followed by walking back and forth to the printer and fax machine. And don’t forget waiting for it to go through. Even a small fax can take five minutes to send, so you’re talking lots of wasted productivity. With one of our virtual fax servers, there’s no waste and no waiting.

Two-Factor Security for Microsoft Windows
The only thing standing between you and a hacker breaking into your Windows system is a username and a password. That’s it; get those, and you’re toast. Maybe they steal your personal information, or maybe they render your system unusable. But if you add our Two-Factor Security for Windows software, and suddenly they can’t break in.
It’s almost foolproof, with it’s combination of password, randomly-generated one-time PIN, and secret code (known only to you). Best of all, it doesn’t require any special app or hardware dongle, and using it adds only a second or two to the login process.

Custom Mobile App Development
Modern smartphones are fantastic, in that they allow us to run a wide range of applications that all interact with the cloud. But sometimes there isn’t an application that works the way your business needs. In that case, you’ll be glad to know our in-house engineering team offers advanced app development services,
to bring together the power of our advanced cloud infrastructure, with the specific needs and goals of your company and staff. We employ encrypted links so your data is always secure, and offer cross-platform support so your field operatives are covered no matter what device they use.