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Cloud telephones are the only way to go for business phone systems these days. You need a partner whose network and systems are designed from the ground up to provide the lowest latency and jitter possible.

Asterisk PBX



Hosting your PBX solution in the cloud is one of the smartest decisions you can make in today’s business environment. No longer do you need physical fax machines (hello virtual faxing!), no longer are your phones down when the power goes out, no longer are you charged a fortune for adding capacity for simple things like voicemail box limits, and say goodbye to the inevitable and costly maintenance site visits.

Cloud telephones offer more features, at a lower price, and because they are backed by our world-class cloud infrastructure, you also get all the benefits of our advanced networking technologies.

Low-latency interconnects guarantee minimal jitter and exceptional call quality. Unlimited capacity means you can grow when and how you want, in an affordable manner. Dozens of global and regional network interconnects means you get the lowest latency possible at all your locations, and any location you may expand to in the future.

Put it all together, and it’s a winning combination you can’t beat. Call, click, or e-mail today and let us bring you a demonstration cloud phone at no charge, so you can see and hear for yourself the difference the cloud makes.