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We can’t stop your point-of-sale application or your back-office server from crashing, but we can do the absolute next best thing: we can continuously monitor their operation, and alert you the instant anything starts to go wrong. The effect is a dramatic decrease in frustration for customers and employees.

Numerous alerting options

24×7 monitoring

Tracking & graphing

Proactive protection
No matter how good is your IT department, they simply cannot be everywhere at all times, watching every aspect of every system. Even when you employ a so-called “event log scanner”, a human still has to learn to interpret the often arcane log messages and evaluate priorities. With a typical desktop system generating two hundred or more messages per hour, and a busy server ten times that much, it’s almost impossible for a non-specialized department to handle.

That’s where our Vigilant Monitoring Service comes in — our Network Operations Center runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, actively monitoring thousands of systems across hundreds of sites. We have the systems, the tools, the expertise, and the staff to handle high-volume event traffic just like yours.

When you come on board with us, we’ll mirror your event logs through an encrypted channel to our log processing engines. Between the automated scanners and routine spot-checks by our engineers, we watch for thousands of conditions on each of your servers. Among the things we monitor:
Failed login attempts
Out of disk space
Unauthorized password changes
Unexpected application crashes
License expirations
Remote login attempts
DHCP out of addresses
Unauthorized product installation
Unusual security policy changes
Unexpected service failure
Anti-virus warnings
Security patches needed
Driver load failure
Changes to boot entries
Database corruption and replays
Shadow copy elision
Unexpected bluetooth scans
Certificate expiration
Unexpected reboots
Unauthorized time changes
User logons outside business hours
Unexpected permission changes
User accounts created
Unauthorized admin rights granted
Audit policy changes
Unexpected firewall changes
Code integrity check failures
Scheduled task failures
Service connection timeouts
Network enumeration failures
Checkpoint creation failure
Database errors and warnings
Software protection failure
Volume check failure
These are just a small sampling of the items we monitor, and the list is constantly growing as our engineers discover new areas to watch.

If you want to take your server and desktop monitoring to the next level, call or e-mail today and we will be happy to give you a free 30-day subscription to Vigilant Monitoring Service. We will install it for free, and there is absolutely no obligation.