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Data storage is one of the core strengths of the cloud — and we offer a wide variety of options so you can store and share your data securely and easily!

Military-grade encryption

Numerous options for sharing

Easily scalable as you grow

Accessible from anywhere
When it comes to storing your valuable corporate data, the cloud offers three major advantages you can’t get from any other solution: reliability, availability, and scalability.

Cloud storage systems from Virginia Cloud Technologies are designed from the ground up to provide the utmost in reliable operation. Redundancy and high-availablity are incorporated at every level of the hardware itself, and dozens of network connections ensure maximum protection against ISP-level outages.

When it comes to questions of availability, you’ll find that’s another area where we really set ourselves apart. Most providers give you a path to your data, and don’t bother going the extra step to make sure that path is actually secure. With us, we set up every single link to our cloud using the highest level of military-grade encryption available. That means you can not only get to your data from anywhere, but you can do so safely.

Scalability is often overlooked by clients who are new to cloud data storage; but it’s an essential question that needs to be considered. As you grow, will you need to securely share read-only copies of selected portions of your data with certain vendors? What about allowing clients to safely upload data into their own, dedicated areas? What about keeping backups with another service provider? And the most important question of all: will you be able to increase the amount of storage capacity in an affordable and incremental fashion — without enormous costs to bump up to another tier of capacity? When you are a partner with Virginia Cloud Technologies, the answer to all these questions (and lots more!) is a resounding “Yes!”

Give us a call or e-mail today, and let us show you all the options we have for storing your data safely and securely in the cloud!