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Whether it’s an old standalone fax machine or some unreliable monstrosity of a legacy PC with fax cards, it is long past time you joined the modern world with a virtual fax server from Virginia Cloud Technologies.

Drop-in replacement for most legacy faxes

Scalable for exactly the service you need

Fully redundant, so no more hardware failures

Compatible with our desktop faxing software
Many people think faxing was killed by e-mail, but our clients tend to differ. A typical, small medical office can send and receive several hundred faxes each day! And for most places, there simply are no alternatives — if your vendor uses fax, then so do you. And that traditionally meant you wasted paper, spent thousands on toner, and had to buy replacement faxes instantly the minute the last one died.

Now there’s a better way — virtual fax servers from Virginia Cloud Technologies. We combine our world-class cloud infrastructure, with dedicated servers and network components designed to work as drop-in replacements for your existing systems.

Software from all major vendors is supported, using industry-standard protocols based on the HylaFax protocol. We can help you reconfigure your systems, and changes are typically easy and painless. After that, you’re off and running!

Almost all our clients have seen the service actually pay for itself, when you add up the savings in paper and toner alone! That’s not to mention the complete elimination of downtime and hardware failures you get from being part of our cloud infrastructure.

If you’re interested in a better way — the cloud way! — to fax, drop us an e-mail or call today and we will be happy to set up a no-cost demonstration for you.