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Moving your Microsoft Windows desktop to the cloud eliminates an astounding number of risks to your data, and opens up a world of possibilities for your productivity.

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You use your Windows laptop or desktop every single day. But have you stopped to consider what would happen if it suddenly stopped working? And how many things can go wrong that could make that a reality? Let’s list a few:
Dead power supply
Dead screen
DRAM failure
Network failure
Hard drive failure
Motherboard dying
Accidental deletion
Failed upgrade
By contrast, if you migrate your desktop or laptop to your own, dedicated Virtual Private Cloud inside our global cloud infrastructure, none of the above can happen.

That’s right, we protect you against all those threats, and lots more. With redundant servers, high-availability disks arrays, layers of active firewalls, integrated backups, and active monitoring by our 24×7 Network Operations Center, it’s a no-brainer that you should come to the cloud.

We make it easy, too. We’ll handle all details of your migration, scheduling it for whatever time of day or night you are not working, and set you up with a military-grade encrypted link to your bulletproof virtual machine.

Call or e-mail today, and we will be happy to set up a no-cost demonstration of how it all works, and talk to you about all the benefits of partnering with us.