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Stop paying for a dedicated fax line and stop paying for specal “fax machine” toner!

Our direct-to-printer cloud faxing solution requires nothing more than your printer to work.

No equipment

No phone line

Direct cloud fax

Saves money
Just about every office on the planet has an office printer, and sitting next to it is a fax machine. These days, the majority of clients we encounter use the fax machine as a “receive-only” device. Anything they need to transmit gets sent via e-mail.

The physical fax machine sits there, day after day, taking up space, eating up high-priced fax toner, and forcing its owner to lease a dedicated fax phone line.

It’s wasteful, annoying, and now it’s unnecessary, with the introduction of our Direct-to-Printer Cloud Fax service. Your faxes come directly into our array of cloud fax servers, and then shoot straight out of your printer. There is no other equipment of any kind needed at your facility!

With traditional cloud fax services, they will send you an e-mail when a fax comes in, and then you can print it out. But that means somebody has to spend lots of time throughout the day, constantly monitoring e-mail, then sitting there to open and print each document. That’s no less annoying and wasteful than a physical fax machine.

Our Direct-to-Printer solution means nobody has to do anything except grab the faxes and go! There are no setup fees, no phone lines needed, and no contract is required, so give us a call today and get started saving!