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Whether you need to combat theft, assure security, or ensure service quality, video surveillance is an absolute necessity for most businesses. With the introduction of our new Cloud Video Surveillance service, you now have access to reliable, affordable monitoring, backed by our world-class cloud infrastructure.
Traditional web cams store the video footage on a computer in your office — precisely the type of high-value item thieves are likely to steal when they break in. Storing your video in the cloud means they can’t steal it.
Combined with Ethos Info Cloud Video Surveillance, the new Ubiquiti UVC-G3 Dome indoor / outdoor camera provides an affordable, reliable solution for all your surveillance needs.

Data Sheet
How It Works
The video feed from each of your cameras is sent via encrypted link directly to a secure area in our cloud that is completely isolated and specifically configured just for your company. An easy-to-use, highly intuitive web interface or native smartphone app gives access to all functionality of the system, regardless of where you are in the world.

Real-time video feeds from every camera in one pane of glass

Access to all previously recorded videos

Options to record on motion or always

Alert notifications for loss of connectivity to any camera
For more information, call or e-mail today and we will be happy to set up a demonstration at your location, so you can see for yourself the power of this amazing service!