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What if you could make an exact copy of your server every fifteen minutes and have it standing by in the cloud, ready to take over in case of disaster?

Revolutionary? For us, it’s routine. It’s called Cloud Cloning, it’s only from Virginia Cloud Technologies, and it is amazing.

Private cloud technology

Greatly reduces downtime

Encrypted data tunnel

Transparent failover
There are times when “going to the cloud” simply is not an option. Maybe it’s due to regulatory limitations, lack of sufficient Internet bandwidth, or just a desire to keep all the company’s data inside your own walls. Whatever the reason, many people think this means the end of any ability to protect corporate computing assets from disaster.

Those limitations don’t apply when you work with us. We have a line of hybrid server solutions that can be deployed at your locations, giving you the ability to keep a continuous replica of one server, securely at a completely remote location.

Welcome to the future of business IT continuity. Welcome to Cloud Cloning from Virginia Cloud Technologies.