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Just like e-mail has largely replaced postal mail for most communications, direct faxing from the desktop has replaced old, physical fax machines.

No more wasted paper

Far more efficient

Much easier to use

Saves money several ways
How it works
Right now, if they want to send a fax, your staff have to print out a cover page, print out the document to fax, stack them together, walk to the fax machine, manually type in the phone number, stand there while the fax chirps and whines and whirls, and then throw the paper into the recycle bin.

See any room for improvement there? We certainly did, which is why created our own Desktop Fax Software for Windows. Want to send a fax our way? Open the document on your computer, using whatever normal program you do, then click to print to the VCTI Fax server. Hit the checkbox to add a cover page if you want, type in the details, and click the button to send the fax. It goes to the cloud instantly, with no waiting.

Zero wasted paper, zero wasted time spent staring at the fax machine, zero dollars spent replacing toner and paper and replacing the machine when it breaks. It’s easy, fast, and pays for itself.

Interested in a demonstration? We’d be happy to set you up with a no-cost demo; just call or e-mail today and let us show you one of the many ways we bring cloud technologies to your business.