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With the recent, worldwide outbreak of ransomware crippling companies from small to large, in nearly 100 countries, you may be asking yourself if there is truly a solution to the threat of ransomware that doesn’t involve spending hundreds of hours restoring from backup.

The answer is called “Cloud Replication”, and it means your systems can be back up and your business fully operational within two minutes.

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The past few days have seen a worldwide outbreak of a particularly nasty type of ransomware. Thousands of large corporations across dozens of countries have been brought to a near standstill because of the damage. It doesn’t have to be that way for your business, however. There are ways to prepare for, and respond to ransomware; minimizing its impact on you.

The first step in protecting yourself against a ransomware outbreak is to document all your processes, and determine which computer systems and servers are “mission-critical” in your company. The answer is likely to be “nearly all of them”, but natural priorities will also become evident as you prepare the list.

Knowing which servers and systems simply cannot afford any downtime at all will tell you which systems require the best protection. Its normal here to think of “backups” as being the answer, but the world has moved on from backups, and thanks to the cloud, we now have “replication” as the ultimate protection.

Replication involves a lot of complex software written by really smart people to work, but the end result is that if a system at your company dies or goes offline for any reason, you can activate an exact clone of that system in the cloud, within seconds. Even better, companies like us offer you the ability to “rewind in time” a certain distance, and bring up a clone of the server from several minutes or a few hours earlier.

So here’s how this works in practice: ransomware strikes your server, encrypts all your data, and demands thousands of dollars to (hopefully) get it back. Your first response is to laugh at the unfortunate criminals for having picked the wrong target. Then you simply turn off and unplug your (now-encrypted) server, and call our 24×7 Network Operations Center. They will activate a clone of your server from an hour earlier (so that no trace of the ransomware is possibly around) and in seconds your business is back up and running.

There is absolutely nothing else you have to do! Employees and customers will not know you are now running in the cloud. The other devices in your company that talk to your server will be unaware and unable to tell they are now talking to a clone in the cloud. Business will continue as usual. At the end of your business day, our engineers will coordinate with you to migrate the clone of your server in the cloud back to your original system. The next day, you’re once again running on your hardware in your building. The devious criminals will have cost you a measly few minutes of time, and given you a good laugh.

Backups were fine in the old days, and they still work fine when all you need to do is recover a handful of files. But when it comes to front-line production systems that house hundreds of thousands of files and dozens of integrated, mission-critical applications, backups simply don’t work. Cloud Replication from Virginia Cloud Technologies is the answer to your problem.

Don’t wait until you are a victim of ransomware; call, click, or e-mail today, and we will be happy to set up a demonstration for you, and share with you all the benefits of Cloud Replication technology.