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Generators protect against local and widespread power outages

Dozens of network connections protect against routing failures

Distributed RAID arrays keep your data available at all times

Fault-tolerant system design protects against hardware death
Cloud Backup for Small Business
As a small business owner, you understand more than most the importance of making absolutely sure all your critical company files are not only backed up every single night, but also that you can get them back at a moment’s notice, should something go wrong.
Unlike many cloud providers, we work with you as a partner, getting to know your staff and processes, and staying connected as you grow, so that all your data is always backed up. And when something does go wrong? We’ve really got your back, then. Our Network Operations Center is available 24×7 to go step by step with you through getting your files back, and getting your business back on track.

Enterprise Backup
The power of VEEAM Backup & Replication, combined with the world-class infrastructure of our cloud data centers. That’s a combination that will protect your enterprise as it scales, well into the future. Being a certified Cloud Service Provider for VEEAM means we have the training, expertise, and infrastructure to support your growth in whatever direction it takes you.
Unlike almost every other provider out there, we have engineers who can physically bring recovery media to your location, in event of a major disaster. Better yet, if you just want to spool up a VM in our cloud, using your backup as source media, we handle that, too. It’s all part of the many benefits your company gets when you partner with Virginia Cloud Technologies.

Enterprise Replication for Absolute Protection
When your company’s survival depends on uninterrupted IT operations, and there is simply no room for outages, you need the ultimate in cloud-based protection. You need VEEAM Replication, paired with our advanced cloud infrastructure.
Effective replication requires the use of WAN Accelerators, provider-deployed backup appliances that have the power to handle high compression rates, and network links that are latency-optimized, and have sufficient bandwidth to keep copies up-to-date during the work day. We provide the all the above, combined with a fully-staffed Network Operations Center that stands ready 24×7 to guide you safely through any disaster of any magnitude.

Cloud Cloning Solves Major SMB Issues
What do you do if you are a growing small business, and want to take advantage of the best cloud technologies, but for reasons beyond your control, can’t allow your data or servers to operate outside your company’s walls? Is it impossible?
Not when you partner with Virginia Cloud Technologies. We offer many options for situations just like yours, where we deploy enterprise-class servers at your locations, and set them up with advanced cloud features, to give you complete failover protection, without the data or servers themselves ever leaving your site. It’s called Cloud Cloning, and it is amazing.