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We offer full-scope IoT design services
– from initial concept all the way through production and fielding –
including web and mobile app creation!

All backed by our world-class cloud infrastructure!




It starts with an idea; a thought that says “there must be a better way, and I think I know what it is!”

When clients come to us with an idea like that, we are able to take that concept and see it all the way through to creating, deploying, and managing a custom IoT device — one that solves that problem a better way than ever before. More than that, we also help create the web and mobile apps that interact with the device, and let you leverage the power of distributed intelligence.

IoT devices are not just sensors; they are smart endpoints, capable of sensing, controlling, making decisions, and handling all aspects of business logic. They can be smaller than a pack of cards, or the size of a small refrigerator.

Our in-house engineering team has a multi-decade history of designing and fielding products that are reliable and rugged. Combined with the power of our world-class cloud infrastructure, and advanced networking capabilities, we are able to offer our IoT design clients an unbeatable combination they can’t find anywhere else.

The options and capabilities are almost limitless, but we’ve assembled a short list below. Take a look, and we encourage you to give us a call, and we will be happy to spend some time with you exploring your ideas and thoughts. You will probably be surprised at how easy and affordable we can make the IoT design process.
The SRT-01 is a wireless temperature and humidity sensor custom designed and built for a client to monitor equipment in remote offices. It connects via Wi-Fi, talks directly to the cloud, and has a six-month battery charge that is also tracked for alerting and planning purposes.
These are just a few of the many options we offer:

Services Offered:
Everything you need, from concept through to production and deployment. We are your one-stop shop for custom IoT sensor design and deployment!
Wired, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Zig-Bee, Bluetooth
Live link, fire-and-forget (with or without opportunistic transfer)
Data Link:
Configurable, default is military-grade encrypted link
Power Source:
120VAC, 240VAC, 12VDC, 24VDC, PoE, with or without battery assist
Battery Options:
Custom battery design and spec, typically up to 6 months/charge
Sensor Options: (Almost unlimited, these are some of our recent options)
Video (real-time & time-lapse), audio, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, soil water content, motion sensing, visitor counting, air flow, many many more
GPS Tracking:
Available on almost all sensors
Command &amp Control Options:
Power (low/high), motors, lighting, compressors, access control, many many others.
Custom Cases:
Part of the design process, plastic or metal, as appropriate. Various color options.
iOS / Android App Design:
Absolutely! Completely custom to your needs and situation.
Looking for ideas on the wide range of options you have with our IoT design service? Click the image to download this one-page overview of sample ideas!