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All the data in the world won’t do you one bit of good if the underlying infrastructure isn’t built to let you do something useful with it

Numerous options to meet specific storage requirements

Scalable for both size and speed to keep pace as needs grow

Layers of solid-state storage for maximum performance

Fault-tolerant system design protects against hardware death
One size does not fit all
When it comes to Big Data applications, it’s absurd to think that your needs will fit into the same category as someone else’s needs. But most public cloud companies insist you adhere to such a model. And then, one day, as you grow, you’ll suddenly be bumped up into the next tier, and your costs will take a massive jump.

That’s not good for your business, and it’s not how we do it at Virginia Cloud Technologies. As a regional cloud provider, we have the size and resources to be able to build scalable solutions that grow incrementally with your business. You know what you’ll pay, and what you’ll get, well in advance.

And the real beauty comes out when you start to grow. Do those recent changes mean you need incrementally more processing power? No problem, we’ll provision more CPU cores. Maybe that recent upgrade to the underlying stack now means you need more memory on each node. Again, no problem. We work with you to make sure the solution you need is the solution you get.

We monitor extensively, and can even provision test systems for you to try out new versions of software and applications, without risk to your production infrastructure. Your existing provider won’t do that for you.

To learn about a better way to build and manage your Big Data applications, call or e-mail today and find out about all the benefits of partnering with Virginia Cloud Technologies.