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The big problem with most cloud providers is they expect you to retrain your staff and change your processes to work with their cloud technologies.

At Virginia Cloud Technologies, we bring the cloud to you, so you can keep working the same way, only with all the benefits of advanced cloud solutions.

Redundant power connections and backup diesel generators

Dozens of independent connections to the Internet

Multiple layers of advanced hardware firewall systems

Proactive monitoring by engineers in our 24×7 NOC
Being a technology provider means we not only offer cloud solutions, but also help you implement those solutions into your existing workflow. Our engineering staff have a long history of development across many disciplines, and over the years, we’ve developed many technologies in-house, as well as testing and deploying best-of-breed third-party solutions.

Our Operations staff are hands-on, constantly monitoring servers and systems, and looking for ways to improve every aspect of our cloud infrastructure. The servers we employ are equipped with special circuitry that allows us to actively watch their health, down to the very lowest level. When something does go wrong, our virtualization platform allows us to migrate systems between physical devices — even while live and in production, if necessary.

Everything we do is focused on bringing cloud technologies and the benefits they convey to businesses just like yours. When you work with Virginia Cloud Technologies, you are not just a name or an account number; you are a partner in cloud success.