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Adopting cloud technologies is about adding world-class solutions, staff and practices to your business — and that’s exactly what you get when you partner with Virginia Cloud Technologies.

Redundant power connections and backup diesel generators

Dozens of independent connections to the Internet

Multiple layers of advanced hardware firewall protection systems

Proactive monitoring by engineers in our 24×7 NOC
Virtualizing Microsoft Windows Servers
If you have legacy Windows servers in your company, then you are very familiar with all the costs and hassles associated with running Windows on physical systems. Application upgrades (which are often mandatory due to regulatory and compliance issues) requires updates to Windows, which comes
with new requirements on the hardware, which is expensive to upgrade, and often requires completely new servers due to what seem like random limitations on the part of the vendor. It’s all designed to squeeze as much money as possible out of you. Stop suffering and stop getting squeezed, move to the cloud and lose all the limitations of physical hardware.

Cloud-Based Telephone/Soft-PBX Systems
Legacy telephone systems and the technologies that drove them, are dead. Modern, cloud-based PBX systems gain all the (significant) advantages of the cloud, combined with the flexibility of not requiring special wiring, not requiring expensive site visits, being available to work from anywhere, and being easily, and affordably scalable.
If you are ready to stop being trapped by a vendor who nickel-and-dimes you to death, working on ancient technology, give us a call and see how we can help you implement the latest in cloud-based telephone systems.

Moving Physical Desktops to The Cloud
Your Windows desktop or laptop is a real workhorse, but it’s also vulnerable to far more threats than you probably imagine. Hard drives can fail, the screen can die, malware or ransomware can render it inoperable, it can be stolen or seized, you can drop it and break it,
the list is nearly endless. Moving to the cloud keeps your exact desktop environment just the way it is now, except you lose all the risks, and gain all the enormous benefits of cloud technology. Redundant systems, high-availability drives, dozens of network links, integrated backups, and lots more to keep you running no matter what comes your way.

Virtual Fax Servers
E-mail is an option for most people, but faxing still plays a huge role in the daily operations of millions of companies. Whether you’re a medical office, a financial services group, or in some other industry where vendors or regulations demand fax services, there are times when
you don’t have a choice. But that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with unreliable fax machines that die, spending thousands every year on paper and toner and paying the phone company for old copper lines. Our advanced, cloud-based fax servers interact with your existing legacy software applications using the industry-standard HylaFax protocol they use now, without all the hassle and pain and costs associated with physical fax machines.

Cloud-Based Data Storage
The cloud is absolutely ideal for your data storage needs. We combine enterprise-grade systems with high-availability storage, all secured by redundant network links protected with military-grade encryption. The result for you is storage that is available and safe,
no matter where your travels take you. You can share with your colleagues without worry, knowing that the have access only so long as you approve it — because it’s all based in the cloud and controlled by you. Call or e-mail today to find a better way to store your mission-critical business data.