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Our cloud-based monitoring solutions are the ultimate tool when it comes to keeping watch over your business. From individual servers to real-time video surveillance, we give you the insight you need.

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Advanced Monitoring for Servers & Desktops
The typical Windows desktop generates a constant flow of event logs, while an active server can generate an overwhelming stream of them. We all know they contain incredibly important data about the operation of our systems, but who has the time to watch them? And setting up a dedicated log server costs money and time, and somebody still has to constantly monitor it.
We know, because our 24×7 Network Operations Center monitors thousands of systems across hundreds of locations. Now, the same tools and staff we use for our cloud are available to watch your systems through our Vigilant Monitoring Service. It’s unparalleled proactive protection for all your critical systems.

24×7 Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
As a restaurant owner, florist, bar manager, or grocer, your biggest worry before you drift off to sleep is probably whether someone left a freezer or chiller open again. Will you wake up to destroyed product, having to alter the day’s offerings, and try to make up for lost profits again this month? There’s a much better way,
and it involves using our cloud-connected Wired or Wireless temperature and humidity sensors, backed by the power of our 24×7 Network Operations Center. There’s no setup fees at all, no contracts to sign, and you get to choose the temperature set points. When one of the sensors detects a unit out of range, you and your designated staff are alerted instantly via text or e-mail.

Cloud Video Monitoring Lets You Keep Watch From Anywhere
Imagine this: you set up a brand new web cam in your office, install the vendor’s software on your desktop computer, and then go home for the night. When a thief breaks in, the first things they focus on are the high-value items,
and your desktop computer will be right at the top of their list. Along with it goes your video records, and you’ll never get an alert on your app, because the PC is unplugged, and in the back of their car. But if you have our Cloud Video Monitoring, there’s no system to steal, and not only can you check in from an app on your smartphone, you can set up automatic alerts that come from the cloud, and will work even if everything in your office is stolen.