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Virtualization converts a computer server or desktop into a cloud-ready form that can take advantage of fault-tolerant, enterprise-class systems designed for maximum uptime, incremental growth, and predictable costs
Step 1

We make a bit for bit copy of your existing workstation. Nothing is deleted; we just make a copy. The copy is known as an “image” of your workstation, and contains every bit of data on it.
Step 2

The copied image is converted into a form ready for use in the cloud. No data is changed or lost; we just change the format. The conversion process takes less than an hour for most systems.
Step 3

We create icons so you can access your new cloud virtual machine. The connection is secured at all times using encryption. You can access from anywhere – your desktop, laptop, iPad, even your phone!
Step 4

Our 24×7 Network Operations Center protects your virtual machine using an extensive array of firewalls, security scanners, and advanced heuristics. When a piece of hardware breaks, your system will fail over and we fix the hardware at no cost to you.
Virtualizing Windows Servers
Your business relies on having uninterrupted access to your Windows server. Yet the hardware it runs on is at risk of failure, from any of dozens of causes. Add in the threat of viruses, malware, ransomware, accidental deletion, theft, and lots of other events,
and it makes you wonder why anyone would run a server in their own building. In the cloud, we have hurricane-resistant buildings, redundant power generators, dozens of high-speed network links, layers of physical security, biometric scanners, video monitoring, the list of advantages goes on and on. All that is made available when you partner with us, and move your server to your own, dedicated Virtual Private Cloud.

Taking Your Laptop Or Desktop To The Cloud
If you’ve ever had your laptop or desktop stolen, or clicked on an e-mail that triggered destructive ransomware, you’ll be especially appreciative of the benefits you get by migrating your laptop or desktop to the cloud. Automatic backups are included as part of the service, so if you lose a single file or destroy the entire system, we’ll have you back in a flash.
And no software firewall can ever compete with the layers of advanced, active hardware firewalls you get when your system is housed within our secure cloud infrastructure. When it comes to secure access, we’ve got your back on that as well, because all connections are encrypted using military-grade algorithms, and you can even opt for our Two-Factor Security software for added protection. It all adds up to a lot of reasons by you should migrate your laptop or desktop to the cloud today.